I am a sound recording engineer and producer in Chicago, IL, and I am the president of Horse-Drawn Productions, Inc.  I have been recording, mixing and producing artists such as R. Kelly, Celine Dion, Smashing Pumpkins, Avant, Lauryn Hill, Rhymefest, Bobby V, Moby since 1994.

I have a bachelors in Music Industry Media: Percussion, and have played on more than 300 recordings since I moved to Chicago in 1995.  I originally engineered, produced and played for a commercial Jingle House, Antelis-Morse Music.  I worked there as long as I could, while moonlighting working for other artists such as R. Kelly and Celine Dion at night.  Clearly something had to give, so I opened the original Horse-Drawn Productions, on Central Park and Belmont, and built it to meet the demanding needs for my quickly growing client list.

My first client in the door, even before I was declared open, was Avant.  We worked on his first album there, which eventually got signed by Magic 32 (Johnson) Records and was produced by Steve “Stone” Huff.  This was his launching act,which also launched HDP.  From there everything took off and I never looked back.

This facility held its own until January of 2009, where we found our new space and expanded all of the services, as well as adding Data Recovery, Computer and Equipment Repair, Video Production and Editing, Marketing, Booking and Lessons in every instrument.


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